Oweli's In The House

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Welcome to my house,
Now check it out:
I'm about to tell you what I'm all about
It's really rare to catch me in a vocabulary drought
So I'ma try to entertain you til my rhymes run out
or til my time runs out,
Whichever comes first
I know I'm blessed to even have ever messed with this Earth.
Since birth, I've been on a quest to discover things that which through my rhymes I express,
To uncover things that which with my mind I address
By the air in my chest, I flex, in effect to
Express a certain thing that my life reflects,
and so I take that breath and exercise my dialect
as I elect to wreck the wire when my mouth and mind connect and
I direct your attention in my direction
Negativity deflecting, I'm protected
by a force, you couldn't understand.
The source of my power, you wouldn't understand
But this you can understand, it's just a verse that I wrote
Jay put the beat together so the track sounds dope.

I don't know if you've ever heard
Something great and new has ocurred
Just sit back, relax and observe
Oweli's in the house.

I don't know if you've ever heard
Something great and new has ocurred
Just sit back, relax and observe
Oweli's in the house.

(*whisper*) Just sit back, just sit back, just sit back, just sit back

Just sit back, relax, matter fact
Throw on this track, play it loud, let the beat slapp.
Keep that feeling, wherever you go
Put the CD in your whip
Roll-out real slow, if you in
East Bay, L.A., back to San Jo
Put the windows down
Let all the folks know
Request Oweli on the radio...but I'll
Never let the punk Dick-Jockeys try to play me though
The process may be slow, but yo I'm always getting back at it,
It's Chill Rob: Muthafuckin Rap Addict

I'm a Muthafuckin Rap Addict
Im a Muthafuckin Rap Addict
I'm a Muthafuckin Sapp Addict
It's Chill Rob he's a Muthafuckin Rap Addict.

My art starts automatic, emphatic ill-phenomenal
Philosophical anecdotes that I wrote
Atop the flow float, like an inner-tube
Getting into you
In the hopes of communicating
Through these vibrations and sounds, my
Skills and my will to hold this rap thing down
Life surrounds me, and I'm proud to have found
The ability to linguistically be astounding.
Time's surmounting (this life that I live)
Making music, cruising, think, exist.
Rap fans treating it like Swishers and spliffs
This is completeness:
Oweli is Bliss


from In The Trunk, released April 2, 2011
Produced by Mister Jay



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