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I work for the beats in feats like taiko
I go outside the lines like a psycho
Despite your aversion to new paradigm immersion I continue searching
Watch it happen, eyesight worsen the burden heard and said in many areas
Occurred and spurred a spread of mass hysteria
Let the gifted carry ya on my back
My raps: a science exact
Mine's an alliance defiant to all the shit that's wack
I let no haters detract
Naysayers fade to black
I throw the soul flow then bring it right back
Magnificent, but yo I'm never dragged into it
Make some kids trip when I spit just a little bit
They get a taste, find their brains replaced with a trace of the greats (Slick Rick, Masta Ace)
I make hits, while you masquerade
Fishing raps from the future you could cast your fate
I compensate for those who dilapidate
Stay up, don't sleep, keep rapping late

chill the ill poet:
*another day, another verse
*got lines to rehearse
*i feel the sand pouring for my time on the earth so i move quick, move quick, move quicker
*if they're sounding fresh then the kid sound slicker
*flip ya to a whole new vibe yet still keep it chilling, clear clouds from your mindset
*music's just a feeling so open up your eyelids
*got love for the sound now love for the silence
*yea, and we making more cause we vibrant
*someone pop the hydrants
*fire from the fresh
*best hit the sirens
*the spots blown up
*hands in the house know they got thrown up
*know what?
*i ain't even tripping when i'm spitting
*usually fretting about the setting let the cops show up
*it's all good, cause yo i know my rights
*this is astrolinguistics
*oweli take the mic

I rap with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom
Act like a prism in the dark, existing outside of the system
It's stark, the contrast of my bomb-blast flow from the daily unreality shows shown on comcast.
So I keep the feel realer than real
These kinesthetic poetics that wreck it everytime
I deal for a second with the beats and the breaks
Put a fresh one on the plate
And with a passion, I create, and
Kick a couple of ill rhymes in exploration of some dead thoughts and dead feelings that we've been facing
But I'm willing to be giving mic-to-mouth resuscitation
Been mad patient, it's just a matter of placing
Correct words in the right order
My mind's floating with the planets like an outer-space kite sort of.

chill the ill poet:
*and the dope anecdotes the man evokes spoke to folks over notes chose by the most highly recommended host: mister jay
*west coast, it's the bay, with live rhyme display
*no time to play, we make classics, classics,
*real, no fake
*some stay plastic as if massive flows by my crew ain't passing over their heads (like ufos make traffic in the sky)
*we've arrived
*a visit by the exquisite sly wizard of rhymes
*flowing froze em like blizzards sometimes
*they say "yo who is it?"
*listen: it's mac that cat who rap different
*if and when you choose to spend time listening to the sound of life through a pen, i fuse the mic with a blend of the right types of slight strikes of brilliance
*flight to the trillionth power of ten
*you know i come fresh now and again
*chill with the scoop
*jay with the loops that's my friend
*oweli keep it real, no he don't pretend
*shout out to tim the sult, that's short for sultan and i'm chilling


from In The Trunk, released April 2, 2011
Oweli and Chill The Ill Poet
Produced by Mister Jay



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